Amy Finance: Value Maximizer


👩🏻‍🌾 👨‍🌾 Dear Cat People,

I believe that many of you have witnessed the recent boom in the DeFi ecosystem — especially the innovations and opportunities brought by various platforms built on Ethereum Layer 1 and Binance Smart Chain. Some of you must also have been so into this game and made contributions to it. Data never lies. In April 2021, the total value locked in DeFi surpassed 100 Billion USD, with over 1 million users. But you know what? All this is still just the beginning of decentralized finance.

🚀 Assembly Pool: A Courageous Move in the Defi World

As a Defi player, it is clear to you that the profits DeFi generates mainly come from three parts: newly issued tokens (currency inflation), fees and interest. The exciting news is that Amy Finance assembles them together for the first time. Assembly Pool is a single-sided staking pool where assets can be used for lending and leverage trading or can be distributed to other pools to generate stable yields if the two purposes (lending and leverage trading, to be more specific) are fully fulfilled. This mechanism aims to give you higher returns in the Assembly Pool.

🏝Assembly Swap: A DeFi Margin Trading Platform With CeFi Features.

We believe DeFi can be better and we are dedicated to contributing to this goal. On one hand, judging from its performance, the DeFi service provided by platforms built upon Ethereum has been quite amazing. On the other, it has generated considerable angst for many users: high transaction fees and low transaction efficiency. My fellows, you surely understand what I’m saying if your transaction has also failed sometimes as mine did especially in peak hours or in the event of extreme market conditions. We have to pay transaction fees up to hundreds of dollars in DeFi exchanges based on Ethereum because, rationally, we believe it is safe and reliable. But emotionally, we find it very uncomfortable.

😽Why Amy Finance?

Layer 2’s superior performance and reliable security have inspired numerous groundbreaking ideas for user experience and product design. The core team members of Amy Finance come from Nervos, a public chain for layered design. We have conducted in-depth research on Ethereum’s Layer 2 program since 2019 Github: awesome layer2. Now we have reached the middle of 2021, a time when Ethereum’s Layer 2 is about to skyrocket. At this moment, we decided to launch Amy Finance, a platform that focuses on user experience and integrates a group of ecosystems to introduce model innovation into the crypto world.


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